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Children have a lot of energy and need to use it constructively.  Martial Arts is fun and engaging way for youth to use their time and learn discipline, focus, self control, and have fun.  Youth Martial Arts also:


 - Addresses childhood obesity

 -Teaches anti-bullying

 -Teaches stranger safety

 -Teaches respect for Adults and Authority


With our experience of teaching children of young ages, we understand the importance of teaching age appropriate techniques.  Your child will also learn goal setting, achievement, and leadership.


Our instructors meet with parents to define the students goals and focus areas so they can get the most benefit from their training.


Youth Martial Arts


Tae Ryu Jitsu Martial Arts Girl - Florissant, MO
Tae Ryu Jitsu Martial Arts Boy - Florissant, MO


1756 N New Florissant Rd, Florissant, MO. 63033

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