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Tae Ryu-Jitsu's Fitness program is a customized workout and healthy eating program designed just for you.  Get one on one training and a customized workout and diet plan to help you meet your goals.


Many times people believe that working out alone is the answer, however the truth is that a healthy diet, eating consistently, and when you eat are just as important.


What makes us different is at Tae Ryu-Jitsu, we partner with you to provide the guidance and support not only during your workout but even when you leave to support you on your journey to improved health with our diet and meal monitoring.


Sometimes a little support is all you need.

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Our Workouts are a customized program that can consist of:


  - Warm Up and Stretching

  - Cardio and rope jumping

  - Strength training/ Bodyweight training

  - Kickboxing

  - Running and Jogging (weather permitting)

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