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"The Best Martial Art in St. Louis"

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Adult/Teen Martial Arts benefits:


 - Weight loss

 - A healthier and toned body

 - More energy and stamina

 - Reduced neck and back pain by improving flexibility

 - Stress management

 - Proven self defense skills


These are just a few of the benefits that martial arts provide adults and teens.  There is no other activity that blends physical and mental training as effectively as martial arts.


Adults and teens will also learn essential self defense skills such as:


 - Defense from grabs by bigger attackers

 - Redirecting an attacker's momentum

 - Grabbing and throwing attackers

 - Blocking kicks and punches

 - Defense against attackers with knives

 - Situational awareness

Adult/Teen Martial Arts


Please see Our System page for more details about our style

Karate and Martial Arts Black belt


7 Paddock Hills Plaza, Florissant, MO. 63033

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